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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Friday, February 22nd Friday, February 22nd

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Friday, February 22nd

Posted on Fri, Feb 22, 2013

Our last day in Birmingham! Rained really hard last night and we expected a call from our site supervisor early this morning telling us to go to the Habitat for Humanity Re-store instead. Marianne just wanted to get to sleep in a little bit and was hoping he had called. But he had not so off we went at 6:45 to the site. Bill Garwick showed up with his truck loaded with insulation and we again treated him to another scrapple sandwich before unloading the truck. We rolled out roofing paper to make paths to our work areas to try to keep down slipping in the pretty red mud and keep from tracking it into the house. A little later, we were joined by another church team of about 7 or 8 men known as Charlie's Group. They are from another presbyterian church that is about 25 miles away from this home. They have been volunteering every Friday for two years to help rebuild homes affected by the tornadoes. They finished siding up to the eaves on three and a half of the sides of the home. Kay, Darrell, Myron, Joe and Bill continued their roofing project. With Bill's guidance the roof gang finished the easy part of the front of the house and started on the valleys for the front gable. Marianne and Linda continued with siding the front porch. EiIleen, Jeanne and Nora tackled a new project...insulating the walls in the house. We all found it much more difficult getting up and down ladders and getting up off our knees. Though we felt we had accomplished a lot it was sad to say good bye to our site supervisor who was a great teacher with infinite patience and a wonderful personality and sense of humor.

The vice president of construction of Birmingham's Habitat for Humanity showed up today to visit our house late in the afternoon. He was accused of getting that red mud on the nice new roof.

Cassandra said that of 60 counties in Alabama, 47 were hit by those tornadoes.

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